Visual Neuroscience Lab

More than 20 areas in the human cortex

receive strong visual input.

But little is known about the neurobiology of these

important areas of the human cortex,

including how they develop and change across the lifespan.


We use a library of rare and valuable human tissue samples to study the neurobiological make-up of the human visual cortex and how it changes at different stages of life.


We study...

  • how synapses develop and change
  • how different cortical areas develop and change
  • how different kinds of experiences and diseases affect development & aging
  • both human cortex and animals models


We are finding...

  • a lifetime of changes in human visual cortex
  • that even primary visual cortex changes at every stage of human development from birth through aging
  • that experience and disease have unique effects on visual cortex

Our next questions...

  • how do inhibitory circuits develop in the human cortex?
  • how do excitatory circuits develop in the human cortex?
  • do developmental differences between cortical areas explain differences in plasticity?
  • are circuits affected by disease?


Join us for Graduate Studies to explore development and plasticity of the human brain.